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“Individuals are being deprived of their identity, sense of integrity and self-respect; citizens are being moulded into odourless and colourless masses. Assimilated individuals are bare, without imagination, dreams or hope for the future. Bare individuals cannot build a peaceful society of well-being. A bare individual is a slave of the system."

  — Veijo Baltzar

Drom Productions, established by Cultural Counsellor Veijo Baltzar in 2018, focuses on original, high-quality, change-making and bold films. The mission of the film company is to encourage individuals to engage in interpersonal encounters, to dismantle barriers raised by simple-mindedness and undeveloped attitudes, to give human beings and values a central position in societies trampled by the market economy:

There is a need for new visions, insight and perspectives of intercultural encounters and interaction along with rich and inspiring associations of diverse, socio-spiritual quality of life. We need bridges, understanding and space for beauty and otherness.” Drom Productions Ltd. is associated with Creative Association for Arts and Culture Drom, established by Veijo Baltzar in 1976, with the mission of increasing intercultural innovation and interaction through the arts and policy work in Finland and abroad.


The project leader, Cultural Counsellor Veijo Baltzar, a wandering Roma by his roots, is a Finnish author, playwright, and political activist – a cultural fighter on many fronts. Baltzar is a leading international Roma author, and he pursued his life’s work for the Roma people through his artistic, social and cultural activity. Baltzar has served as a prominent figure building bridges between the majority and minority populations. Since starting his literary and artistic career in the 1960s, he has discussed Roma culture and its relationship with the majority culture in more than 72 literary works including novels. Baltzar has been a theatre director, directed dozens of plays, and taught at the Theatre Academy in Helsinki. He is also an active visual artist.

© Drom tuotannot Oy/Drom Production Ltd
Photographs by Esa Toppila